In Spite of…

” The more hidden the venom, the more dangerous it is. ” – Margaret of Valois


  • Hair: By Mina // Peggy – Pastel Ombres Mina
  • Collar: By Violetility // Beloved Collar Violetility
  • Top: By Oubliette // Cropped Tee – Bitchcraft (( Available @ Suicide Dollz April 16th – 28th ))
  • Skirt: By Oubliette // Nancy Skirt – Navy (( Also available @ Suicide Dollz ))
  • Garters & Stockings: By JuJu // Tokyo Stockings [JuJu]
  • Shoes: By Breathe // Stargirl Boots – Blacks [BREATHE]


This super sexy outfit from Oubliette features the Bitchcraft Crop Tee, which is a Suicide Dollz Bi-Weekly Event Exclusive! Suicide Dollz is one of my favorite events in Second Life, go check it out!! Also make sure to check out Oubliette Inworld !




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