In Spite of…

” The more hidden the venom, the more dangerous it is. ” – Margaret of Valois


  • Hair: By Mina // Peggy – Pastel Ombres Mina
  • Collar: By Violetility // Beloved Collar Violetility
  • Top: By Oubliette // Cropped Tee – Bitchcraft (( Available @ Suicide Dollz April 16th – 28th ))
  • Skirt: By Oubliette // Nancy Skirt – Navy (( Also available @ Suicide Dollz ))
  • Garters & Stockings: By JuJu // Tokyo Stockings [JuJu]
  • Shoes: By Breathe // Stargirl Boots – Blacks [BREATHE]


This super sexy outfit from Oubliette features the Bitchcraft Crop Tee, which is a Suicide Dollz Bi-Weekly Event Exclusive! Suicide Dollz is one of my favorite events in Second Life, go check it out!! Also make sure to check out Oubliette Inworld !



Reading is Fundamental.

” Reading is a conversation. All books talk. But a good book listens as well. ” – Mark Haddon

Book Worm -1

  • Hair: By NewSea & rezology // Cloud Nine NewSea & rezology
  • Glasses: By Reign // Coven Myrtle Glasses w/ Lens Hud REIGN
  • Dress: By Oubliette // Vindra Harness Dress- Cross (( Available @ Suicide Dollz April 2nd- 14th ))
  • Pose: By Embody // Bookworm 5 Emody
  • Location: Magical Library @ Belacort Manor


I am proud to present one of the versions of the Vindra Harness Dress by Oubliette for this round of Suicide Dollz!  Suicide Dollz is a bi-weekly event that caters to the spooky girls of Second Life. If that’s you, then definitely check out the Event. For other cool items from Oubliette, check out her inworld store @ Oubliette Inworld !

This is my happy face!

” Smiling gives you wrinkles. Resting Bitch Face keeps your Pretty . ” – Anonymous



I am totally excited to blog this adorable Bad Bunny Latex Dress and Ears for Oubliette for her participation in the Totally Top Shelf Treasure Hunt! The event runs from April 1st and runs til April 22nd! While you are hunting, make sure to check out the other amazing items in the store! Get to Hoppin’!


” Most dangerous is that temptation that doth goad us on to sin in loving virtue. ” – William Shakespeare



I am so super-friggen-excited to be blogging for the Mystic Canvass store!  I am huge on pale skins and this one in particular takes my breath away! Definitely check out Mystic Canvass inworld you guys, you will not be disappointed!


” Why hurry over beautiful things? Why not linger and enjoy them? ” – Clara Schumann



Oubliette is making it’s event debut at the Any Body event!  Go check out the Rosie Chiffon Dress featured in this entry, as well as the other colors it comes in!  Also check out Oubliette Inworld for more amazing apparel!


” Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy the mad daughter of a wise mother. These daughters have too long dominated the earth. ” – Voltaire


  • Hair: By Magika // Which Witch – Hud 02 Magika
  • Top: By Oubliette // Burnout Velvet Kimono – Onyx (( Available @ Suicide Dollz Feb 18th – Mar 3rd ))
  • Pants: By Oubliette // Distressed Skinnys – Dirty Darkwash (( Available @ Suicide Dollz as well ))
  • Shoes: By fri. // Belle Wedges – Coal (( Available @ COLLABOR88 ))
  • Pose: By Label Motion // Diana Pose 2 // Label Motion


One of my FAVORITE events in all of Second Life is Suicide, so I am super stoked to be blogging for not only the event..but also one of my awesome sponsors Oubliette as well!  Suicide Dollz always has the very best in new and dark pixel fashion, so definitely check it out whenever you can!



” But in all chaos, there is calculation
Dropping glasses just to hear them break. ” – Lorde ‘ Glory & Gore ‘


  • Hair: By No Match // No Offence – Black and Whites (( Available @ Ultra Jan 15th – Feb 15th ))
  • Nails: By Dark Passions // ShieldMaiden ((Available @ Genre Feb 15th- March 11th ))
  • Top: By Baii Maii // Zara Top w/ HUD Baii Maii
  • Bottoms: By Vinyl // Troy Skirt – Blacks (( Available @ COLLABOR88 ))
  • Pose: By Nanika // Archer Poses – Archer4 Nanika
  • Location: Belacort Manor (( Under Construction ))


I am proud to present the ShieldMaiden Nails from Dark Passions made especially for this round of Genre. the theme being VIKINGS! Defintely check out the event as well as Dark Passions- Koffin Nails Inworld!~

Be My Valentine.

” Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. ” – Oscar Wilde


  • Hair: By Little Bones // Jo – Fatpack Little Bones
  • Choker: By Moon Elixir // Courtesan Choker w/ Hud Moon Elixir
  • Nails: By Dark Passions // Etched Hearts (( Available @ Bodyfy Feb 8th – 24th ))
  • Dress: By Oubliette // Page Satin Cage Dress- Crimson (( Available @ Depraved Nation’s ” Love Interruption “ Feb 11th – 27th ))
  • Pose: By Andika // Je Taime Bento PosePack – Pose # 2 Andika


Valentine’s Day is my second favorite holiday ( After Halloween of course ), so I always get really excited this time of year! Oubliette and Dark Passions both made it easy for me to get in the ” Lovin’ ” spirit – Oubliette with her Page Satin Cage Dress, and Dark Passions with her Etched Heart nails! Both stores, as well as both of the events are totally worth a look-over, so check them out!!

The Boy is Mine!

” The knives of jealousy are honed on details. ” – Ruth Rendell



  • Hair: By Little Bones // Lana – The Light Little Bones
  • Tiara: By Swallow // Tiara – White Swallow
  • Dress: By Petite Mort // Ella Dress – Opal (( Available @ Enchantment February 11th-28th ))
  • Shoes: By Empire //  Ophrys – W/ Texture Hud Empire
  • Pose: By IDK Poses // Pose #4 IDK


  • Hair: By Emo-tions // Sunburst Brown Hair Emo-tions
  • Dress: By Petite Mort // Ella Dress – Oil Slick (( Available @ Enchantment Feb 11th – 28th ))
  • Shoes: By Azoury // Motoko Ballet Shoes Azoury


I want to give my friends Dante, Lucifer and Akira a huge thank you for taking part in this insanely fun photoshoot!! I couldn’t have done it without you! This entry features the Ella Dress by Petite Mort in Two colors! The dress will available @ Enchantment starting February 11th and will run until the 28th, definitely check it out!


” There’s a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out. ” – Lou Reed


  • Hair: By Spellbound // Interlude Chapter II – Sky Spellbound
  • Necklace: By Oubliette // Ankh Choker – Onyx (( Available @ Suicide Dollz Feb 5th- 17th ))
  • Dress: By Oubliette // Wicca Maxi Dress – Mystic (( Available @ The Darkness Feb 5th- March 1st ))
  • Pose: By Awkward Poses // Set Nine – Delirious a w k w a r d poses
  • Location: +Spellbound+

This look is brought to us by Oubliette, just in time for both this round of Suicide Dollz and The Darkness event starting February 5th!  Definitely check out both events , as well as Oubliette Inworld !